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What our customers are saying
I bought two buildings from Ronnie at the Gallatin, TN location. Ronnie was very helpful and knowledgeable of the products Old Hickory Buildings offered. He helped us get the perfect buildings. Tim delivered the buildings and is very skilled in his craft. His professionalism is first rate. These two representatives of Old Hickory Buildings hit a home run with us. Thank you so much.
Mark - Gallatin, TN
The guys you sent were top notch. Very nice people and did a super job. My roof looks great. Thank you so much for the service I received from you and your crew. I will do all I can to support your products to anyone that asks.
Nyle - Roan Mountain, TN
A quick google search revealed dozens of companies in the RVA area. I started looking through each listing and eventually narrowed it down to 25 companies, and eventually 15. Of the 15 companies I reached out to 8 responded, 4 with quotes and 4 declining their services. 360 Sheds was the first to respond to my quote request just over an hour after I sent it. Stephanie provided all the information I requested. They even quoted me four different models based on the information supplied. As vendors responded I would take a couple of moments to research them and their parent company. Things like google reviews, social media presence, reviews on social media, customer engagement etc. On a Saturday my fiance and I headed to get a good look at the various vendor's lots in person. When we arrived at 360 Sheds, we checked in at the Office, something we had gotten used to after being hunted down at other locations. When we walked in, Stephanie was on the phone with a potential customer discussing all the options for a carport and what site preparations would need to be made for the best installation. She even referenced issues she had had on her own lot with using certain sizes of gravel. She motioned for us to come in and have a seat. Once she was off the phone she welcomed us and let us know we were free to walk around the lot unsupervised and she would be out shortly to answer any questions. We looked around the lot for 5-10 minutes before Stephanie joined us. She took us to some of the buildings similar to the size and style we were looking for. It was obvious she took pride in her buildings in the lot and had extensive knowledge about her products. Stephanie spoke from experience as to why some of the options we had mentioned in our bid may not be the best choice and issues in the past. She talked about permitting requirements for a building of our size and potential issues we may run into. Shortly after she excused herself to assist another customer who arrived at the lot but encouraged us to spend as much time on the lot as we wanted. We left shortly after revisiting a couple of the building. Over the next couple of weeks, I waiting for any additional vendors to send in responses and kept in regular communication with Stephanie at 360 Sheds. During this time, I sent Stephanie probably a half dozen emails asking questions or asking for minor revisions to the quote. Each time Stephanie responded almost instantly, even late at night or early in the morning. Finally, the time came for me to get my building permit filed with the county and start the process. For a shed of this size I needed to have both a soil test completed and my property lines marked. Once I was ready to meet with the building department I reached out and Stephanie e-mailed me the engineering plans for my shed. The morning of my meeting Stephanie sent me a quick note wishing me good luck. I reached out to the permitting office and asked if I revised the building and made it 2 ft shorter if the permit would be approved. I was surprised to get a response with an approved permit for a shed 16'x38' instead of 16'x40'. I relayed the information to Stephanie and revised my plans one last time to accommodate the 2' shorter building. A couple of days later I showed up unannounced at 360 Sheds ready to pay for and order my shed. Stephanie went through the whole process with me and went over every aspect of my building with me multiple times, even trying to talk me out of some of the unnecessary building upgrades I had chosen. There was one minor discrepancy between the quote and the final price but she quickly took care of that. I left with an order sheet and waited for a call from the delivery company.

Stephanie and 360 Sheds are awesome to work with and well worth drive to Amelia from Richmond. She values her relationships with customers and goes way beyond the extra mile for her customers. She never tried to sell me something I didn't need or up sell me. I would and have recommended 360 sheds to anyone I know looking for a shed.
Allen Bryant - Virginia

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